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Rusbal RPC offers the following kinds of services connected with dummies of arms and military equipment:


- Dummies Operation Training ;

- Maintenance and Repair ;

- Assistance in launching of manufacture in the customers territory ;

- Assistance and Consultations on Design.


Dummies Operation Training

Operation of dummies is rather simple. Also a process of training does not occupy too much time. As a rule the training is carried out by experts of Rusbal RPC on dummies delivered to the customer.


Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and repair of products carrying out by personnel of Rusbal RPC are the basic services. At the request of a customer they can be included in the Contract for supply of dummies.

At the conclusion of the contract for supply of dummies it can be stipulated a delivery of the repair documentation, repair technology training and also a delivery of necessary materials for repair.



Manufacture in the customers territory

If it is necessary the Rusbal RPC experts will assist launching of manufacture of dummies in the customers territory.


Assistance and Consultations on Design


There is the Design Department in Rusbal RPC. At the order of dummies on which there is no design documentation Rusbal RPC will develop it in the shortest terms. Here the customer has an opportunity to take advantage of the typical technical project on design or to offer his option.