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Rusbal RPC offers:


- pneumatic tridimensional dummies;

- dummies, consisting from flat elements;

- radar simulators.


Dummies able to simulate a real equipment in visible, near infra-red, thermal and radio ranges of electromagnetic waves.

Except for the basic assignment all listed products can be used as targets at the training manoeuvres.

Capacities of Rusbal RPC are capable to satisfy a demand practically for any quantity of required dummies. Term of delivery depending on quantity and types of dummies makes from 3 months.

Rusbal RPC offers dummies of defense technology made by any country including defense technology having in arsenal in the NATO countries.



Pneumatic dummies


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Pneumatic dummies are intended for simulation of a concentration of a land forces, divisions of air defence, divisions of other armies with the purpose of disinformation of cosmic and air reconnaissance.

The pneumatic dummies offering by Rusbal RPC have a high degree of the detailed elaboration focused on the perspective equipment, used in the intelligence purposes, small weight and small time of deployment. So for example, the envelope of a decoy of a Launcher of a complex such as S-300 has weight no more 110кг and can be erected for 3 … 4 minutes.


Dummies consisting from flat elements.


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Dummies consisting from flat elements (flat dummies) are the tension fabric designs having small weight and cost. Rusbal RPC makes flat dummies of horizontal and vertical placement.



  Flat dummies with horizontal placement of a basic element are intended for simulation of a concentration of a land forces, sub-units of air defence and divisions of other troops with the purpose of disinformation of a cosmic reconnaissance.

Due to the cheapness these dummies are capable to simulate simultaneously some groupings of troops, by that suppressing an information channel of the opponent acting as an original passive hindrance.

For simulation of high-altitude objects these dummies in the structure have vertical components and imitators of shadows. In typical performance these dummies work in radar, visible, near infra-red ranges of electromagnetic lengths waves.



 Flat dummies with vertical placement of a basic element are intended for simulation of armoured equipment in places of a concentration and on a battlefield with the purpose of disinformation of crews of fighting machines of the opponent and visual ground reconnaissance.




 Radar simulators


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 Radar simulators are intended for reproduction Effect Surface of Dispersion and radar portraits of the real equipment including of sea basing.